DALI Concept 10 Floor standing speakers

"NO 10" is a flagship model of Concept series of the Danish DALI. Today the line is equipped with three floor (Concept 6, Concept 8, Concept 10), two shelf (Concept 1, Concept 2), central speaker system and the subwoofer. "NO 10" is got by as if scaling (enlargement) of the forthcoming "NO 8": the same three bands and configuration of heads (2x LF+MF+HF), but its woofers and midrange are much larger, hence body's sizes are larger, the bass is lower. The power (significantly) and sensitivity (a little bit) have been improved. The diffusers of woofer/midrange drivers are cellulose, with thin layer of brown damping covering. Magnetic systems of woofers are paired. The radiation of the tweeter with a cloth dome "corrects" a shallow horn; the bevels on the sides of the body are prophylaxis of edging distortion. All the speakers are magneto-shielded (HF by steel cap, MF and LF by compensating magnets). Acoustic design of the model is made of 18mm MDF plates, damped by sintepon mats, underlaid among walls. The setting of bass-reflex on 29.5 Hz (as in passport) indicates LF ambitions of the "NO 10".

Sound. Concept 10 has wide musical breathe. Fundamentally deep, scaled bass always keeps mobility, high structural certainty; while work at any energetic modes the hearing does not detect fogging of the register, threatening bass hum never turns into roar. A complete, harmonious sound of the Danish pair opens in a spacious, live acoustic volume, impresses by its powerful dynamics, plasticity of micro-amplitude nuances. Presenting the luxury of musical scene to listener, DALI muffles by a light veil of the depth of virtual space, artistically levels thrusts of outermost top part of spectrum. "NO 10" reveals the richness of classical musical instruments. Strings are expressive; incredibly beautiful lower - chest formant is carefully kept in solo vocal.

Concept 10 is a universal system for big, moderately muted room. This is a chic stereo pair and the perfect theatre front.

DALI Concept 10 Floor standing speakers photo