DALI 606 Floor standing speakers

Having got best features from reputable 505 model, Dali 606 is among the leaders again. The value of succession is high if the object of evolution enriches with new qualities at each stage that, in fact, should be the goal of evolution. And if you compare 505 with 506 in this sense, you can find that appropriate enrichment is primarily connected with the transfer of low frequencies. We can't say that DALI 606 has broke new ground to inmost depths, but now bass is more weighty, better structured and juicy. Its main advantage is rare transparency of low-frequency range. Apparently, due to this quality, hearing easily forgets a certain priority of upper bass over the lower middle. On the word we'll note that the features of DALI 606 allow to compensate a possible lack of depth due to optimal placement of the speaker systems in a listening room.

The speaker systems manage to keep the right balance of the whole harmonic texture of instrument sound. The same property of loudspeakers induces high playback quality of any vocal forms. Admitting an important role of good balance of the frequency response, we will refer the main success of DALI 606 to its rare dynamical capabilities. At extremely complex fragments of symphonic classics the sound kept transparency throughout the frequency range, sound didn't "lock up" at powerful crescendo of horns and proportionally lightened at volume level decrease. At the end, the system achieves its main goal: it makes you listen to music, not to the loudspeakers.

DALI 606 Floor standing speakers photo