DALI Evidence 470 Floor standing speakers

Strict classical outlines, familiar heads, black polished glass of the top panel - this is Evidence 470, one of two floor systems, consisting of four models of the series. Natural maple veneer is slightly lacquered in order not to mask the beauty of wood texture - by beauty is not Grand yet, but not near "budget" Blue... Suspensions of drivers are very flexible. The signal goes to mid speaker in all mid-low-frequency fullness, the lower speaker works only on basses, getting rid of the frequencies higher 550 Hz by "soft" filter. The tweeter is ferro-coolable. A pair of bass-reflex ports is on the back panel. The speaker systems are placed on elegant oval stands, in which you can screw spikes. Reliably and with a taste.

It seems that DALI is among the companies, which systems in any price category steadily keep the branded sound signature, allowing you with sufficient listening experience to determine it almost without fail. Evidence 470 is honest-to-God Danish system, even more than compact shelf Evidence 370. It seems that the traditional Danish neutrality is raised here to an attainable height. Evidence 470 plays very strictly. There are no any tonal, emotional overtimes; exactness at workmanship of details, special tenacity, razor-sharp attention. Smooth coloration of very true high frequencies sometimes makes the impression that sound is a bit dry. The middle is perfect with excellent dynamics. Bass is "low-fat", but as if "harsh" on a good note, quite constructive. Perhaps, Evidence 470 is slightly inferior to most competitors by depth of the bass: the lowest notes are slightly smoothed, but this is taken as granted as does not disturb the feeling of fullness of sound image. Timbres of different instruments are confidently transferred by the system. Large and small dynamic scales are not distorted. The stage has correct geometry, is well-detailed, although seems to be a bit generalized in depth - familiar features.

Strict and good in all senses sound of Evidence gives a considerable reason to talk about genre and stylistic universalism of the system. Apparently, the speaker systems can be used in a relatively small room.

DALI Evidence 470 Floor standing speakers photo