DALI Concept 6 Floor standing speakers

To the present moment the series Concept contains two shelf models (Concept 1, Concept 2), three floor ones (Concept 6, Concept 8, Concept 10) and a central speaker. Low-slung Concept 6 on an elegant stand is, in actual fact, a floor extension Concept 2 due to the additional LF/MF section. Compact crossover is the copy of installed one on Concept 2; only a rated value of inductance coil differs because now it services included in two parallel LF/MF heads. Filter for the tweeter is of second order, for LF/MF - is of the first order. Impedance of HF-sector is corrected by RC-circuit. A thin layer of damping coating is applied on pulp diffusers of the same 165 mm LF/MF-drivers. All heads are magnet shielded (LF/MF dynamics by compensating magnets, the tweeter - by cap of the electrical steel). Radiation of silk dome of high-inverter is adjusted by quite deep flare. Acoustic design is made of 18mm MDF plates and is muted by the polyester mats, lied on the walls. Any spacers and baffles are upset. Speaker systems are placed on spikes (included). Concept 6 creates, perhaps, the most harmonious sound images. Complete, with a pleasant flavor (like "warm") sound is transparent in all frequency aspects that primarily because of the high dynamic resource of acoustic. A solid, volumetric and rather deep bass is perfectly articulated. It is not excluded that, entering into the nuances, you will notice some of timbre, so to speak, liberties at high frequencies, shown in light staining (for example, female vocal). However, in most cases these liberties spoil nothing. Exactly minimum number of gag that can be felt at playing serious classics is typical for Concept 6. Due to full spectral coverage, wide dynamic range, containing the most sophisticated audio forms, the system can be considered as the universal system in all respects.

DALI Concept 6 Floor standing speakers photo