DALI Zensor 7 Floor standing speakers

The shapes of DALI Zensor 7 speaker systems are classical in general; an aluminum stand, made in form of light frame, slightly revives the design. Against the background of monotonous MDF podiums, such stand looks interesting. The front panel of the system is glossy, the rest part has the wood grain finish.

On the front panel, directly under the cloth grill, there is a bass-reflex with big diameter. Under it there is a pair of the branded MF/LF emitters with the diffusers made of paper, reinforced with wood fiber. Suspension of speakers is soft, motion is quite free. A classical 25-mm tweeter with soft dome sounds high frequencies. It is developed as well as MF/LF speakers and made in DALY. Well, not only speakers! If you take a closer look, DALI logo is seen even at the screws and they are really original, manufactured for the company.

The sound of DALI Zensor 7 speaker systems is fast, clear, with good for its class resolution and perfect intelligibility in the vocal range. Upper frequencies are clear, transparent, and unobtrusive. The middle is tonally rich, bass is deep enough, smooth and somewhat unhurried. At the playing of energetic rock music, while fast shuffling of double-bass strings, a little slowness and blurring of attack is noticeable. If musical information is upset in such manner, it is difficult to enter serious claims to sound. Jazz, blues, classics, vocal, slow pop music sound very impressively and emotionally. The unique feature of sound handwriting of this model is unchanged lightness, even refinement, which you can't exterminate to the end, even turning hard metal on. At the same time in hard music, in the area of middle and high frequencies, an exclusive expressiveness and sometimes penetration of sound are kept. DALI Zensor 7 surely has its musical preferences, but these speakers can't be called dull.

Price: $710
DALI Zensor 7 Floor standing speakers photo