DALI 5005 JUBI Floor standing speakers

The modified version of already existed in the market model Blue 5005 - 5005 JUBI - was released for the 20th anniversary of Danish Audiophile Loudspeakers Industry. The anniversary model inherited much from the prototype: the same speakers and body. Reforms touched the schemes of crossovers (impedance correction circuits were entered) and the bass reflex setting. Like in all acoustics of DALI the filters are made without printed wiring. Rare replication of characteristics, being measured in different exemplars, draws your attention - it is very valuable property, indicating a high culture of production. The speaker system has spikes and short lengths of cable, with a help of which instead of jumpers it is supposed to connect contacts at two-wire connection. The terminals are electrically secured. The heads of the anniversary 5005 are magnetically shielded.

It remains only to restate literacy in all respects of the system's construction 5005 JUBI is the universal speaker system of an average price category. However, despite of the fact that the speaker systems are compact, we don't recommend you to use them in small rooms (less than 20 m2) - it is therisk to destroy low-frequency charm of the Dane.

DALI 5005 JUBI Floor standing speakers photo