DALI Lektor 6 Floor standing speakers

DALI stands as Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries and its name obliges the company to produce acoustic equipment, corresponding to audiophile canons. And I must say, actions follows suit - meeting even relatively inexpensive Lektor 6, you pay immediately attention to high quality of the used drivers. The developers used almost win-win combination "paper + silk", putting the tweeter with 28-mm fabric dome and a pair of 6.5-inch mid-basses with cellulose diffusers. The last ones are impregnated with a special damping composition, allowing to get rid of unwanted resonances in the midrange. The speaker systems have 2.5-band design with cutoff frequencies of 700 and 2900 Hz. The most qualitative parts with minimal loses of signal were selected for crossover.

The sound of Lektor 6 is complete and clear, combines a highest detailing and perfect microdynamics with the lack of even the slightest tint. Tonal balance is very close to the ideal, especially in high-frequency area, where even the finest nuances and overhang, which form the atmosphere of the hall, are transferred. The middle differs by high harmonic resolution, timbres are very natural. Low frequencies are not too deep, near the border of bass range a sound pressure significantly drops. But the upper bass is gorgeous; the kick is transferred naturally and accurately. But, the overall dynamics is slightly limited; if it is excess for chamber genres, more complex music may require more convincing presentation. The sound scene differs by true proportions and noticeable separation in depth. Imaginary images are bright and clearly fixed in space.

DALI Lektor 6 Floor standing speakers photo