DALI 808 Floor standing speakers

A full three-way design, which is a series Blue of Danish company Dali, with basses of promising sizes visually really stood out. Directly related with this expectations of comprehensive bass were fully justified. Quite non-trivial in this sense, the system proved on drums "things" of rock'n'roll repertoire and on symphonic fragments with a rich low-frequency content, in particular on the works of Wagner. Rich bass is seemed to explode petty bourgeois atmosphere, apparent in the background carefree harmony that seemed completely emotionally justified in the context of the author's intention.

In fairness, we must note that the lightest element of the grotesque blending with the painting "rock" forms. On the classical works of the corresponding odds in favor of the bass, creating a reasonable basic tonal masking components of some instruments and voice parties, leads to the sense of reducing the transparency of the lower mid and bass actually. Note that the critical aspect of this statement is very conditional; here all is directly connected with tastes. But in any case, it is necessary to consider the negative impact of the premises, in its low dimensions audiophile measure may be violated. Additionally, the bass loses a bit of clarity with increase of the volume. This in no way can be said about the correct medium and crystal clear high frequencies, in these qualities representatives of series Blue differ by rare constancy. If the spectral space of the work is not overloaded by low frequencies, the sound of any of the vocals can be boldly called flawless. Very clearly there is spelled out the images of the instruments of uppercase. The skill system is fully manifested in the image of the stage space. Large-scale panorama easily distracts the mind from the physical reality of the listening room and concentrates it on the aesthetic reality of music. Incidentally, valuable and rare property of the system is the high uniformity of the field vertically, which provides not only a beneficial effect on the quality of the sound panorama, but also frees the listener from the need to strictly fix the head at a certain level.

Summarizing the above, we can say that we have before us a great universal and yet quite peculiar acoustics with bright, emotional bass. To system managed in the best way to reveal their many talents, there is desirable for it a decent space. Given the current trend toward increased application of acoustic systems, we can confidently recommend the Dali 808 audiophiles, fascinated by the idea of a home theater.

DALI 808 Floor standing speakers photo