DALI Oberon 7 Floor standing speakers

This series will undoubtedly cause increased interest because all the models belong to a very accessible category. Let's see how the Danes made their new "towers". Let's start with the body. The mass of each loudspeaker is small, and the walls can not be called monumental - an aluminum pedestal holds them on the floor. Obviously, not much material was used for the manufacture of the bodies and this lessens their cost, but the engineers very slyly avoided the problems caused by such savings. The bodies are made of high density MDF. At the points of possible vibrations the panels are reinforced with internal struts. Decor deserves a special mention too: it is of very high quality, diverse and modern. Four types of finishes with vinyl film and two designs of dust-proof grills are available.

Despite the presence of three drivers, DALI Oberon 7 has a two-way configuration - this solution simplifies the crossover and allows you to assemble it from much higher-quality components for the same cost price. Woofers with non-standard caliber (seven-inch instead of the usual six) play up to 2300 Hz. In order they do not color the sound at the upper border, a special profile is attached to diffusers from the traditional DALI cellulose composition mixed with wood fibers, a thin movable rubber suspension is used in the suspension, and four-layer coils made of aluminum wire coated with copper are used in magnetic systems.

In addition, a new tweeter with enlarged to 29 mm dome was designed for the Oberon series. It is textile, impregnated and, as assured in DALI, perhaps the lightest in its class. Break with the traditional inch caliber is dictated by two ideas: the need to expand the working range of the HF-link and the desire to obtain the widest and most uniform polar pattern. In order the tweeter can withstand high power input, the magnetic gap is filled with heat-absorbing magnetic fluid.

DALI in its presentation explicitly hints that the speakers of the Oberon series were designed rather for than ideal premises. For example, they can be positioned at fairly short distances from the walls (at 20 cm) and even placed in parallel, without strict direction to the listening point - the tonal balance and the stereo effect zone will not be affected. We checked it at the listening - sure enough, in terms of placement in a room, DALI Oberon 7 is very versatile and not capricious at all. Even with a relatively narrow base they demonstrate a wide sonic scale and its depth. Their depiction is so clear and cool that you are instantly drawn into the reproduced stereo world.

Tonal pitch is generous with a wide entry into the lower register. The balance is not dark, but slightly accentuated in the area of the docking of the bands and slightly softened at the most resonant and "silver" high frequencies. It is better to remove the grills when playing classic and live acoustic recordings - the air parts are better distinguished without them.

But the main thing is that there are no any colors of the body in the sound of the new models, with which, as a rule, many inexpensive loudspeakers abundantly "decorate" the original sound. The walls of Oberon 7 really turned out to be silent, despite the seemingly unserious weight. We also note an excellent speed in bass and high intelligibility of midrange, as well as the naturalness of voice transmission. By the nature of sound in the main band, the accessible DALI novelties are very similar to their expensive relatives. They have that rare and correct fundamental harmonic basis, thanks to which music of any genre is very realistic and lively. With a good source and amplifier, you are guaranteed to get both super dynamics and lots of subtle gaming colors.

DALI Oberon 7 Floor standing speakers photo