Energy Connoisseur CF-70 Floor standing speakers

High towels CF-70 are the eldest of floor speaker systems in popular Connoisseur series (CB-10, CB-20, CF-30, CF-50), which recently has underwent a significant upgrade. The flagships are high 3-way systems with narrow faceplate, which has four emitters. The diffusers of two 6.5 inch woofers and 5.5 inch midrange driver are made of aluminum composite and in their center there are phase equalizing "bullets". The branded Ribbed Elliptical Surround suspensions with transverse stiffeners contribute to more linear shift of the diffusers in both directions. An inch tweeter with aluminum dome is on the same platform with midrange driver; due to their optimal placement polar pattern expands and coherence of radiation increases. Bass reflex port is placed on the faceplate, foam plugs are included. Spikes are not provided; the speaker systems have legs with the height of ab. 5 cm.

The front panel is black and lacquered; all other faces are covered with qualitative "black ash" film.

Listening. The main difference is broad polar pattern, which allows forming a three-dimensional picture, also falling back to first reflections from walls, floor and ceiling. You feel it immediately - the scene is extensive, deep and sound sources are focused even at very far distances. In whole the sound differs by high intelligibility, there is no "mess" or veil in difficult phonograms that in combination with high dynamics makes a strong impression.

Bass is tight; control is slightly lost in the lowest area, where some monotony appears. Double-bass is played energetically and effectively, its tone has lots of nuances. Grand piano sounds absolutely natural, with ideal tonal balance in all octaves. Hall is clearly heard, extraneous sounds in recording are noticeable, but not too focused. A lot of air and natural reverberations of a room are transferred correctly - create volume without blurring the main picture.

It is difficult to find fault also in the upper range - plates are bright, with spark, but not sharp. All-in-all the sound of Connoisseur CF-70 is linear, with correct music balance.

Energy Connoisseur CF-70 Floor standing speakers photo