Energy Connoisseur CF-30 Floor standing speakers

Nice Energy CF-30 are the youngest of floor speaker systems in popular Connoisseur series (CB-10, CB-20, CF-30, CF-50, CF-70), which underwent a significant upgrade recently. Now it counts about a dozen models for different purposes, so you can assemble a system of any configuration from them.

CF-30 are 2.5-way systems with crossover frequencies of 1600 and 2000 Hz. Having such system a pair of MF/LF drivers works together on basses that allows getting lower playback border (certified value - 43 Hz. Diffusers of 140 mm midbass heads are made of the branded composite and equipped with elliptical shape suspension that improves shift linearity of moving system. A dome tweeter with aluminum diaphragm placed in small horn is in charge of high frequencies.

Bass-reflex port is placed on the faceplate so there are no noticeable limitations while installing the systems close to walls. Input terminals are very qualitatively made, with gilding and allow two-wire connecting. Energy is perfectly finished and a black, lacquered front panel especially shows to advantage. Side and top panels are covered with beautiful "black ash" vinyl.

We have already got used that most Energy models differs by transparent sound with clear, "crystal" high frequencies, and CF-30 is not an exception. Playback is very open and fresh, which is largely due to a slight underlining of the upper range. However, in the room with lots of soft furniture or carpets this feature will come in handy and be largely compensated. Against this background the middle is sometimes perceived to be too neutral, it needs a bit more naturalness and warmth. But the resolution in mid-high spectrum is just incredible - you can hear every nuance and even flaws, made while mixing the phonograms. Such feature allows you to analyze literally under a magnifying glass everything in favorite recordings, up to smallest nuances. I must say that despite of quite a modest volume of the body and caliber of the woofers, CF-30 has no special problems with playing bass. Main bass is confidently controlled, it is deep and realistic. At the same time there are no any slightest extraneous overtones.

If you place the speaker systems correctly relatively to the listener, you can get almost three-dimensional soundscape with clear localization of images in space. But the scale of what is happening will be still slightly reduced.

Energy Connoisseur CF-30 Floor standing speakers photo