Energy RC-50 Floor standing speakers

RC-50 is a medium-sized floor standing loudspeaker in Reference Connoisseur series, closely approaching to the top series - Veritas. A rectangular body is finished very unusually with natural veneer and lacquered. White metallic mounting rings of the drivers successfully complement the matte surface of the front wall. A 25-mm tweeter with an aluminum dome is behind sound diffuser made of three vertical stripes. Two identical 165-mm drivers with a woven Kevlar diffuser on the rigid suspension and a small fixed metal metallic bullet are functionally divided. Low frequencies (up to 800 Hz) are given to one driver, low and MIDs (up to 3 kHz) - to another. Two big ports of the bas-reflex are on the back wall. The loudspeaker is installed on a black lacquered podium, which big, black (also lacquered) spikes are threaded in. Safety mesh is conveniently mounted on magnets. Energy RC-50 leaves a pleasant feeling of solidly made construction, although it is made in China.

Sound. The Canadian system organizes a spectacular filling of the lower part of the range with elastic, muscular bass. The heaviest genres of rock and electro sound catchy and with drive. At the playback of classical programs we notice not always correct transfer of timbre. The manner of Energy is slightly angular, needs more plasticity. The loudspeaker slightly overacts the contrasts of sound tissue. Sometimes a little coloring in bass is noticeable. High register is full of distinct details. Despite of the said criticism, the sound of Energy RC-50 is generally perceived as quite correct, with great energy and high dynamical resource throughout the range.

Energy RC-50 Floor standing speakers photo