Energy RC-30 Floor standing speakers

Energy RC-30 looks elegant and not massively, but make the impression by big weight. The bodies are perfectly damped. The bass-reflex port is put on the back panel. A modern tweeter with an inch aluminum dome answers for the upper range. Midranges are made of Kevlar composite and differ by a suspension with elliptical profile. All drivers are inserted by 2.5-way scheme, but not quite traditionally. "Half" band works not only for LF, as is common, but in addition captures a decent part of the midrange.

Perhaps, I should add that all RC systems are an evolutionary development of Connoisseur series, which was born in 1993 and in due time was recognized as almost the standard of accurate playing in its price segment. John Tchilinguirian, the main developer of Energy, decided to develop exactly these qualities, releasing the reference version.

Energy RC-30 sound accurately and neatly for its weight category. Only a slight accent in "working" bottoms, which give an excessive self-confidence to sound and pull music balance down, may embarrass you. As for the rest the sound is almost studio neutral. Discants sound richly and airy. Smooth and sleek rise on HF can't be considered as disadvantage. Only such response will be correct in conditions of a living room. RC-30 easily bears with high levels - the playback doesn't lose purity, it is only a bit compressed by dynamics. The stage is thorough, largely localized, has quite elaborated and expressively distant back plan.

Energy RC-30 Floor standing speakers photo