Energy C-300 Floor standing speakers

Energy C-300 is a compact two-way loudspeaker with an elegant lacquered front panel. Finished by high-quality film, imitating wood veneer, bodies have quite a decent weight - 16 kg. As the design of loudspeaker is a two-way, there are two drivers: an inch aluminum tweeter, enclosed into special chamber, and 165-mm mid-woofer with fiberglass diffuser. Bass-reflex is on the back panel. The connection terminals are very qualitative - they are massive and spring, allowing the connection by two-wire scheme. The speaker systems have a special platform in the basement, in which it is recommended to screw the attached spikes for full vibro-isolation from the floor.

By sound these Canadian loudspeakers are very similar to good shelf monitor speakers. The sound is quite accurate, with good elaboration of the entire range and is almost devoid of any noticeable coloring. The speaker systems succeed in corrective and informative upper middle - Energy C-300 have just a striking for their price sound resolution there. Bass is not bad too. Of course, you shouldn't expect tectonic effects from such miniature floor monitors, but the big part of bass register is perceived to be very dynamic and articulated, with a good impact. The seam between bands is almost invisible, only sometimes appearing slight rise in the upper middle excessively emphasizes sibilants.

According to the results of the listening, we should recognize than Energy C-300 are universal in genres. Only modest dynamical capabilities, which sometimes are still not enough for adequate interpretation of large-scale music compositions, deserve criticism. However, it is logical that this question can be solved with a help of additional support by an active subwoofer, being able to fill the missing potential. This tandem will surely be able to satisfy the most of requests of the most sophisticated listeners.

Sound canvas, created by Canadians, is built very carefully. The stage is not so wide as desired, but has an amazingly correct scale.

Energy C-300 Floor standing speakers photo