Energy Connoisseur CF-50 Floor standing speakers

Energy CF-50 is available only in one variant of finish - piano lacquer and looks very modern and rich. It has 2.5-way scheme and bass-reflex loading with the front location of the port. 3 identical 140mm divers play bass, but one of them is filtered higher, therefore, captures also MIDs. In the center of aluminum diffusers there are phase equalizing nozzles in the form of bullet and they are fixed on soft suspension with transverse notches (Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology). The tweeter also has a dome made of aluminum alloy and radiates through a special diffuser that allows getting a wide polar pattern. Crossover filter is designed on the basis of minimal losses and made of selected components. You can connect CF-50 to an amplifier in any way, including bi-wiring and bi-amping.

In the first moments of listening you immediately pay attention to tonal balance. It is significantly shifted upwards that is partly compensated by reversal of the system around its axis. However, it can make boast of high detailing and clarity of discants. Dynamics of playing is extremely vigorous, it is much higher than you expect from floor speaker systems of similar sizes. Basses are perfectly articulated, but do not come in infra low range. The middle seemed to be harsh, with repeatedly arising metallic notes. Timbres in MF are not clearly elaborated, overtones as if hide. Spatial images are enlarged, the scene is very scaled and deep, but not always adequate in size.

Energy Connoisseur CF-50 Floor standing speakers photo