Energy Connoisseur C-5 Floor standing speakers

C-5 is a two-way floor system from the model range - Connoisseur. The name of the series, the prototype of which appeared in the early stages of the existence of Canadian company, sounds like a serious advance (connoisseur in French is expert). In the line there are seven classical models plus a common theatrical stuff. In C-5, like in other systems of the series, a range of technologies, developed at the creation of the top Veritas, was used. Particularly, this concerns a suspension's synthetic material of speakers' diffusers, made by the company's patented technology. Membranes of LF/MF drivers are of polypropylene, on the surface of which the tiniest aluminum particles are placed. Both heads reflect in-phase in the overall acoustic design. All the speakers are magnetically shielded. A very serious attention was paid to the faceplate. Its external part is casted from the viscous polymer material (Spherex) and mounted on MDF plate through vibration cushioning rubber layer. Figured plastic supports are included. A separate commutation isn't provided.

The most thoughtful listening does not identify violations of tonal balance. And the system can achieve quite high spectral fullness of sound image - due to confident movement into the possessions of deep bass. A great advantage of the acoustic is its possibility to work without significant structural distortions in the most severe modes. Moreover, the sound opens in all its glory exactly at high volume. In well-saturated by the acoustic energy atmosphere of a listening room C-5 confidently plays the monuments of classic symphonies, presents effectively rock compositions. We will note a good detailing of high frequencies, whose proportionate participation in the formation of image allows transferring a tonal texture of music correctly. In addition, the nuances of the second plan obscure sometimes in bass and mid frequencies, what particularly leads to weakening of effects, conditioned by natural overhangs of concert halls, and live instruments (as if the pianist doesn't remove the leg from the damper pedal). In this regard basses at a moderate volume sometimes seem to be a bit abstract and cotton.

The tonal severity of C-5 provides the system the universality relatively to music genres. A good power reserve allows sounding quite big spaces, but it is not terrible if a room is quite small (15-20 sq.m.).

Energy Connoisseur C-5 Floor standing speakers photo