Boston Acoustics VR1 Floor standing speakers

VR series has three floor speaker systems (VR1, VR2, VR3) and central channel system. All systems of the series differ by very high sensitivity - not lower than 94 dB. Identical LF/MF drivers are made by Deep Channel Design technology, aimed to increase dynamical reserve of the drivers: the magnet has an elongated form and is equipped with a hole for equalizing the pressure under dustproof cap. An aluminum dome of the tweeter is equipped with Amplitude Modification Device lens, which corrects polar pattern at extremely high frequencies. An aluminum plate is attached to a steel magnetic screen (Magnaguard) of the tweeter for a heat sink. Magnetic shielding of woofers is implemented by compensating magnets. Inside the synthetic-muted body there is a horizontal strut. The bass-reflex port is on the rear panel. VR1 are installed on plastic supports with spikes. On the crossover's PCB there are first ordered filters for LF/MF drivers and third ordered one for the tweeter. Also there is impedance correction circuit, consisting of electrolytic capacitor and resistor with dissipated power of 25W!

Sound. The sound of Boston Acoustics VR1 is dynamical, punchy and "convex". The system conquers by its temperament, never allowing any slackness or disruption. At the bottom there is elastic, movable, well-read bass of medium depth. Minimum of schematics is in musical images; sound is accurate and juicy. The feeling of a bit increased contrast is probably caused by very careful but cautious rise at high frequencies, so there are almost no reasons to speak of characteristic emphasis on sizzling sounds. Great power reserve allows you to handle volume control absolutely freely without hurting sound quality. Breadth of panorama as if hides the depth of musical stage, but this is from the category of the smallest nuances. Boston Acoustics VR1 is the sample of powerful, dynamical, moderately deep system for any musical and theatrical tasks.

Boston Acoustics VR1 Floor standing speakers photo