Boston Acoustics HS 460 Floor standing speakers

HS460 are the top in the Horizon series and are recommended by the manufacturer as universal, capable to successfully work in a system of any configuration and purpose. Designed according to the most modern canons, the loudspeakers are two-way with a rear port of the bass-reflex. Drivers are branded, time-proved in various models. These are an inch tweeter of excellent quality with soft membrane made of patented Kortec material and a pair of self-engineered 165-mm mid-woofers. To increase the return in the lower part of the reproduced range, two 7-inch passive radiators were added to the loudspeaker.

The complex shape of the case with a curved front panel is made of high-quality ABS polymer, which made such an unusual profile be possible.

There is only one pair of terminals for connecting the acoustic cable, which unequivocally hints at the careful build quality of the separation filter.

Speaking of the sound of Boston Acoustics HS 460, the first thing that should be noted is the perfect consistency of all the drivers, by feel bringing the sound nature to a point source. Such a jewelry setting is rarely met in serial products for such money. Musical compositions in the interpretation of these loudspeakers are perceived whole and capaciously. There are no claims to tonal balance - it is carefully adjusted and has no obvious distortions in any direction. Middle is linear. The dynamics are slightly pressed, but this factor can have a critical impact on the general perception of music only at high volume levels. At the same time resonance of the body becomes noticeable at the same time. So you should be careful with the volume.

The scene in the interpretation of Boston Acoustics HS 460 unfolds very plausibly and with a large scale, with an almost correct (albeit slightly reduced) representation of virtual sources. Localization of images at a high level, they fill all the space between the loudspeakers. There is a bit lack of depth.

Boston Acoustics HS 460 Floor standing speakers photo