Boston Acoustics VR-M90 Floor standing speakers

The loudspeakers of VRM series by design are very similar to more affordable VR. There are also no fundamental differences in the type of the used drivers - these are the same branded DCD mid-woofers with the diameter of 165 mm and inch aluminum tweeters with the patented phase AMD corrector. A significant difference in the price is easily explained. VRM are made in USA, finished with natural veneer and have the reinforced internal vibration protection and cast baskets of the drivers. In addition, they differ from VR-M80 by the presence of the third band - a special 90-mm driver plays MIDs.

Although VR-M90 do not boggle the mind by their sizes, they are able to sound as very large loudspeakers. The range is so wide that it seems that the developers were overmodest specifying in the passport data the lower limit frequency of 37 Hz. The loudspeakers easily played (although not too linearly) large Turkish drum in symphonic orchestra, very realistically transferred attack and grandiose overhangs of Japanese drum. Nearly the same can be said about the upper range. Discants in the performance of VR-M90 sound dynamically and neutrally. Only at the highest frequencies (above 16-18 kHz) there is the rise, which is caught not like coloring, but only by expressly clear airy trails, accompanying the sound of high instruments.

Boston Acoustics VR-M90 can be considered exemplary in dynamics too. This is showed by drive and power, which the whole lower range is transferred with, smooth stream of energy, emitting in mid and high bands - the entire sound range is reproduced without smallest distortions. Sound stage is stable, scaled and only at the edges of stereo base not so sharply localized as in the center.

You begin to find weak spots of Boston Acoustics VR-M90 only when you go from the analysis of "form" to the evaluating of the "content" of sound picture. Harmonious resolution of these systems is not very high - the subtlest tonal tints of the performers' voices slip away from the perception, some simplifications are noticeable in music.

Boston Acoustics VR-M90 Floor standing speakers photo