Boston Acoustics VR2 Floor standing speakers

VR2 refers to the new series, consisting of three large floor standing speaker systems (VR1, VR2, VR3) and three-way center (VRC). New MF head is installed in VR2 (like in the flagship - VR3): a 15-mm sound coil, dip into the field of neodymium magnet (neodymium magnet is rarely used in MF speakers), activates its polymer membrane. Back side of the membrane emits in a closed cylindrical volume, densely filled with synthetic padding. Woofers, being made by the branded Deep Channel Design technology, are built on large ferrite magnets. Acoustic lens, which corrects "natural" irregularities of frequency response, is installed before aluminum-polymer membrane of the tweeter. For heat dissipation an aluminum radiator is mounted to the tweeter's cap, which shields magnetic field. Magnetic shielding of LF-speakers is implemented by compensating magnets.

The American pair as if absorbed the mentality of its developers, who think, obviously, in other terms than residents of tiny, so to say, European nation. Gorgeous panorama massively stretches per flanks; the image is scaled, open, airy. In addition, the system does not lose small details of the stage space. Great tonal balance is only slightly embellished by extremely high-frequency details. Bass is correct, punctual and allows itself to just a little bit "relax" only in the deepest components. None of any rational volume levels is able to bring the system out of the balance. VR2 is the great example of powerful, neutral speaker system, being ready to cope with any musical and theatrical tasks.

Boston Acoustics VR2 Floor standing speakers photo