Boston Acoustics CR95 Floor standing speakers

The modified Compact Reference series, which before consisted only of shelf systems, gained floor flagship - compact, but weighty CR95. The novelty has absorbed all constructive advantages of the series' representatives. LF/MF-driver is made by the proprietary DCD technology with the increased depth of a gap in the magnetic system (big displacement amplitude). The bass-reflex port is in the back. Built on neodymium system tweeter radiates by the branded Kortec dome - a silk membrane, damped from inside by thin layer of polymer). All the heads are magneto-shielding (MagnaGuard); the plate that dissipates the excess of heat is fixed on the shielding cap. The front and back panels of the acoustic design are made of viscous plastic and connected with plastic ties. The rest part is of 18-mm MDF. External finish of the panels is made of vinyl laminate (two options).

Boston Acoustics CR95 is tonally strict speaker system. At a work (comfortable) volume level the quality of MIDs seems to be brilliant. Not very deep, but very corrective bass is well-organized - does not prevent the perception of higher-ranking information, the contours of drums with low-frequency filling of sounds is felt greatly. The doze of high frequencies is exactly right and good detailing in tops is kept at quite high volume levels. Skillfully written jazz sounds nice, chamber classics - expressively. When you reduce the volume level, inevitable process of schematization of sound image (caused by the features of auditory system) develops a little faster than desired.

Boston Acoustics CR95 is the system with good voice, whose image is in a favorable light when working with chamber forms including jazz and classical music. Any modern styles are within its scope of abilities. Using the American pair in a small and medium-sized room you can build very cozy (in terms of sound) home theatre.

Boston Acoustics CR95 Floor standing speakers photo