Boston Acoustics VR3 Floor standing speakers

Boston Acoustics VR3 loudspeakers slightly surpass the flagship VR-M90 in sizes, but have a lot of common features: three-way design with two woofers, similar design of the body, big bass-reflex port on the rear wall. It is interesting, why VR3, which is formally inferior to VR-M90 by weight, is more than twice cheaper?

You will get a part of the answer as soon as you open the box. VR3 are made in Malaysia and finished not with a natural veneer but vinyl film, which, however, very fairly imitates wood texture. Among the differences we will mention a 19-mm walls made of MDF (the top model has more solid body). Drivers are also different, although they look and are called the same way. Woofers are the branded DCD with the deepen construction of the magnetic system and polymer diffuser, the tweeters are developed in Boston VR-tweeters with a phase AMD corrector and deeply anodized aluminum dome.

The manufacturers do not like when their product is compared with higher class one, but we couldn't resist. Because here is the example of very competent cost optimization. Look what the saving is, if we talk about the final price! At the same time, Boston Acoustics VR3 conceptually do not differ from the expensive model and therefore we can suggest only the minimal deviations from the standard by quality of sound.

To catch the difference between two these modifications is difficult for even an expert. VR3 has a grandiose dynamics, smooth and well-structured sound stage. The loudspeakers play clearly bass and quite confidently determine the lowest components in it. They have a comfortable middle and lightly reproduce discants.

Boston Acoustics VR3 Floor standing speakers photo