Boston Acoustics A360 Floor standing speakers

Three-way model Boston Acoustics A360 is the senior in budget line of A series. Slender bodies please the eye by good glossy finish and big weight that allows us to speak about the seriousness of construction. The speaker systems are built on own-developed dynamical heads, which a number of the patented technical solutions are used in. For example, an inch tweeter is equipped with soft Kortec dome that together with a powerful magnetic system allowed to extend an effective playing band to 25 kHz. The diffuser of mid-frequency 9 cm (3.5") DCD (Deep Channel Design) driver has a paper base, reinforced with ceramic and fiberglass particles. A similar principle is also applied in 165-mm (6.5") LF drivers, a pair of which works for rear bass-reflex.

By auditory sensation, the edges of the range are slightly raised in Boston Acoutics A360, a bit shading the middle. Nevertheless, we can't speak here about significant nonlinearity of tonal balance. Voices of performers are played naturally enough (only with slight sibilants), there were no questions in terms of sound resolution. The tweeter's work clearly speaks for not only its high class, but also for vast overloading capacity. Dynamical capabilities of the speaker system are at very decent level and overhangs of bass-reflex are not noticeable even at maximum volume. Stage is formed to be sufficient by depth and relatively deep. In the gotten three-dimensional space the localization of the individual images is almost not violated.

Boston Acoustics A360 Floor standing speakers photo