Jamo X550 Floor standing speakers

Jamo X550 looks really effectively in wood and polished surrounding of the most speaker systems. The destination of such extreme trend in the design is also clear... "They look cool because they are really cool!" The main super detail is, of course, a horn arrangement of the tiger in entirely plastic matte grey ("metallic") case. An exponential horn made of silver white plastic is not for beauty; it is intended to increase the sensitivity of the speakers at high frequencies. Bass reflex port with a significant diameter is located on the back panel. The loudspeakers are connected by spring terminals what is quite convenient if not to use too thick cables.

X550 plays brightly and fightingly. Basses perform confidently as in good depth as in the upper part of LF-register. Although the texture of low-frequency relief stays a bit uncertain, bass is corrective in the relation to adjoining mid frequencies. You can really control the state of tonal balance, changing the orientation of the speaker systems, but sound color in the optimal position is still cool and invigorating. In normal volume modes the system demonstrates extraordinary dynamic capabilities almost all over the whole frequency range. Gun attacks of bass-drum are played easily, a symphonic brass copper "does not rust" in crescendo, sharp sounds of drum metal stay clean. Jazz saxophone, clarinet and guitar are excitingly expressive in the interpretation of 550th. A special visibility of virtual images increases the impression. At excessive volume increase basses become rougher and there is a need for a downward correction of high frequencies.

X550 is a universal instrument for playing modern, popular music. Jazz sounds perfect. Sizes of a listening room are not critical for the system. Like in case with E670 it is desirable to have branded satellites in theatrical installation.

Jamo X550 Floor standing speakers photo