Jamo E680 Floor standing speakers

The Scandinavian pair from Jamo looks respectably and powerful. Three-way E680 are equipped with two impressive 203-mm drivers, which have diffusers, made of fiberglass, and work for low-frequency range. Midrange driver with the diffuser of 76 mm in the diameter is integrated with 25-mm tweeter. The usage of DTT technology allows you to achieve impressive results. For example, according to some data, it allows to reduce vibration from body to tweeter for more than 20 dB! Speakers work in one volume; the manufacturers foresaw two bass-reflex ports to enhance the low-frequency part. One is in the lower part of the body, another - in the upper one, but already on the rear side. Bass-reflex is decorated with special "grooves", which effectively suppress air turbulence at the port's output. Rounded walls of the body not only influence positively on the originality of external look, but also suppress "standing waves" - the sound, reflected from the walls of the body back to drivers. All of these has a positive effect on sound, minimizing distortions and tonal coloring. To connect acoustic cable there is a pair of handy sprig terminals with the support of "bananas".

The sound of Jamo E680 differs by very good tonal balance. It is in the Danish way balanced, clear, informative. Important features of the national school of sound are inherent to this model - analyticity and naturalness. Bass of Jamo is dense, "muscular", quite elastic and focused. Bass lines are movable. In the lower and mid ranges the loudspeakers draw melodic lines with very beautiful, rich and juicy tone. Only very picky listener may notice a slight darkening of the image in the lower middle. Such bright manner of sound playing is very softly transformed into accurate, sharp, plastic and glossy top. Each musical timbre has its own sound "face" and E680 as if deepen this specificity, expanding the range of differences. Vocal, especially jazz, is expressive in the presentation of the Scandinavian pair: rich modulations of jazzmen voices are perfectly heard. Overall tonal balance of the loudspeakers should be recognized as one of the most neutral and stable among the competitors. Jamo forms a compact musical stage, transparent in depth, with clear image of virtual and spacious details. Jamo E680 perfectly plays any music recordings, is great for theatre and, thus, shows universality of possibilities.

Jamo E680 Floor standing speakers photo