Jamo S606 Floor standing speakers

Three-way speaker system S606 is designed in the body with bass-reflex (port is on the back wall). A soft dome of 25-mm tweeter has a textile base. Two 127-mm MF/LF-units at once with a static metallic bullet instead of dustproof cap are given for midrange. The tweeter and MF-units are placed into a separate sealed compartment that improves isolation with woofer. Woofer is on a side wall of the lower part of the body.

Sound. We got used to the fact that acoustic products of the Danish company are always at quite high level in tests. This model didn't betray the tradition too. Taking low price category into account we can conclude the speaker system Jamo S606 is able to do many things. Sound is focused, dynamical, open, accurate, and neutral by tonal balance. The model can be criticized for a slight laxity of lower case and a little excess of shine in upper frequencies. This well-designed product is able to efficiently work in musical system or in front position in home theatre - it will be easy to choose theatre "companions" for them from JAMO catalogue.

Jamo S606 Floor standing speakers photo