Jamo S426 Floor standing speakers

Jamo S426 floor speaker systems, despite of the "budget" status, are well made and have elaborate design. The bodies are made of thick MDF plates and the side walls are rounded to reduce internal reflections. Speaking about layout, this is two-way systems with three emitters. The lower section of the range is sounded by a pair of 140-mm woofers with phase equalizing nozzles. The tweeter is equipped with a soft inch dome with special impregnation and framed by Waveguide wave guide, which expands a polar pattern. Bass-reflex port is placed in the front that allows you to install the system near wall without significant loses in the sound quality.

It's nice that even such inexpensive systems by Jamo sound on the whole quite attractive. Slightly smoothed, intelligent and comfortable presentation of music material is typical for this model. In this case such manner of playing was the result of a bit lowered macrodynamics and tonal simplification of the upper case. Jamo S426 transfers voice range very dignified, but also with inevitable timbre omissions. Bass caused fewest claims. The only thing that can destroy its structure is body's resonances at high volume.

Jamo S426 Floor standing speakers photo