Jamo E670 Floor standing speakers

E670 has a canonical form and proportions. The drivers on the faceplate are enclosed into a plastic steel-gray frame. A stylish decoration is a metallic rim, being put on vertical perimeter. The body's color of our exemplar is dark ashy. Two more variants of finishing are available - "cherry" and "birch" laminate. The speaker systems are quite light for their sizes. The screw terminals are simple but robust. Bass-reflex port is large. The block of MF and HF heads is separated from the volume of low frequency getup by internal partitions.

The sound is well linked into a coherent music image. Bass is moderately deep and although it is seemed to be slightly allocated near sensible middle it works quite careful at comfort volume. Its "weighty" and "strength" parameters completely satisfy requirements of most musical genres. Moreover, E670 is able to provide a necessary low-frequency resolution of serious classic musical forms. Some allocation of high-frequency register doesn't have "pop" nature, for which an increased brightness of picture is typical. Elaborated in details tops are balanced very well here. That's why fluffy saturation at the top is often perceived as a benefit. The plasticity of melodic side of music compositions is transferred expressively. An articulatory sensitivity in solo, orchestral and especially in vocals impresses. The image of scenic space distinguishes by high detailing. The system confidently works in extreme volume levels.

From classics E670 copes in the best way with chamber compositions; the system skillfully plays jazz, beautifully reproduces vocal, any pop music is within its scope of abilities. The sizes of room are not critical - you can use then in a relatively small room. At assembling home theatre it is recommendable to choose the branded acoustics.

Jamo E670 Floor standing speakers photo