Celestion F20 Floor standing speakers

Two-way F20 is the direct heiress of the model F2. The lineage of F20 is well read in its appearance. New heads are used in the system, so separation filters were undergone to a certain modernization. The tweeter, unlike the installed one on the prototype, emits by titanium membrane and LF/MF-driver is equipped with AFC corrector in the area of bands' section. A firm body is made of 18mm MDF plates and is reinforced by internal struts. Separate connecting of bands is provided. Spikes are included.

The lack of deep bass doesn't bar from the feeling of good tonal balance of sound due to rational work of the system in the upper part of LF-range. The key advantage of Celestion F20 is an extraordinary for this money dynamics of MF/HF-register. The system confidently copes with elaboration of powerful sonic booms. The sound doesn't lose freshness and is harmonious up to very high volume levels; only lower part of the spectrum simplifies, becomes callous. Light, enhancing contrast "make-up" of high frequencies is unobtrusive and quite acceptable for sensitive hearing.

Celestion F20 is guaranteed, quite musical system, allowing LF-development in the 2.1 system. However, a good with an adequate dynamics subwoofer has to accomplish the function of bass support. The theatrical center has to be tonally well-balanced. Celestion has suitable speaker systems of the central channel (F-35C) and subwoofer (S80).

Celestion F20 Floor standing speakers photo