Celestion F2 Floor standing speakers

The Celestion F2 enclosure is well designed, neat and well built. The developers did not set out to get deep bass from the system for this money - also a good sign. So, there is reason to count on the real sound quality of the main informational aspect of music. The appearance of the speakers convinces us that they were the objects of the closest attention here. All drivers, by the way, equipped with magnetic shields - this is not often seen in such an inexpensive floor speakers. The speakers are available in two vinyl finishes.

"Easy and effortless" unfolds the musical events of a pair of Celestion F2s. Not once during the listening time there was a feeling of discomfort or the typical "auditory fatigue" of long-term psychoacoustic contact with the speakers. Despite the modest bass, the image is perceived as quite integral and well tonally balanced. The lack of depth is compensated by excellent resolution in the mature upper bass, the tonal and melodic structure of which is easy to read. The absence of "striving" to "work out" the low end at any cost - the freedom from such "encroachments" has a beneficial effect on the feeling of "vocal" frequencies seems to be absolutely argumentative. Without a willful effort you accept the performing manner of F2 - tactfully emphasizing the middle parts as if shading their true value, the system almost "thinner" than any of the participants of the test works with the classics, including complex symphonic works. Extraordinary for this price category, the macro and micro dynamics of the middle frequencies help to create many gradations of musical "swarming". All stringed instruments are very flavorful and reliefful, and all vocals sound beautiful. Even a slight, as if synthetic coloring in the lower middle does not spoil the overall impression. Stereo panorama is close to the listener, not badly detailed on the front, has depth. As the volume grows, the detail of the high frequencies decreases and the brightness slightly increases. The middle remains with its considerable merits.

Modest bass of F2 is unlikely to satisfy a consistent fan of heavy rock. But the tonal texture of the sound will fit extremely organically in the space of a small room, where the system will bring a lot of pleasant moments for a fine connoisseur of chamber classics, acoustic jazz, folklore. Especially since such (connoisseur) is unlikely to turn the knobs of the amplifier "up to the limit". When planning F2 for a home theater, it is better to think about buying an active subwoofer right away. For a 2.1 music system, we can recommend a proprietary configuration (S8).

Celestion F2 Floor standing speakers photo