Celestion E3 Floor standing speakers

British Celestion has updated its "repertoire" by the release of new line of classical acoustics, ritually outlining it with alphabetic "E" index. The series has five systems: from 125-watts shelf E1 to 200-watts meter floor speaker system E5. A small floor two-way E3 takes a strictly middle position in the series.

A harmonious, quite traditional appearance of the system won't pay much attention and guarantees a perfect coordination of the speaker systems with a variety of interiors. It can be put very comfortably in a small room, for which the system, judging by the dimensions, is mainly intended. However, judging only by energy potential, the acoustics will be suitable also in a spacious hall.

The impression from the sound of E3 gives rise to a flow of pictorial associations. Like Rembrandt, having all shades of ochre in his finger tips, the acoustics transfer tone nuances of the middle register masterfully: from gloomy dark-brown to light-golden tints. Like the brilliant Dutch painter the system is able to create the feeling of comprehensive spectral depth of the image by means of the warm side of palette. Dealing with top details very delicately without bulging tiny high-frequency details, the system assigns quite a decent part to the top aspect, but as if savoring the charms of rich middle at the same time, admiring its cool dynamic passages. These tonal features of the system turn out to be very prosperous for string sound, voice parts. Cellos are unusually lush, violins are prescribed juicy and with pressure. Above all, quite comfortable and easy listening sound climate is formed.

The sense of displaced gravity center in the image can appear at playing of fragments with increased energy density in the lower mid area that in most cases is typical for respective symphonic episodes.

The speaker system E3 is especially good at playing different chamber compositions - from classics and jazz to modern pop music, to which it the system can give a festive pathos without encroachment upon the essence of the aesthetic significance of small forms. I like classical rock in the performance of E3.

Celestion E3 Floor standing speakers photo