Celestion F38 Floor standing speakers

The British company Celestion can be referred to the founders of the acoustic industry. As long ago as 1922 a serious research in the field of high-quality sound reproduction began here and the production of monitors for broadcasting was established. In the modern world the company is known primarily as a manufacturer of guitar and professional loudspeakers. However, the company also has a home division, and F38 three-way loudspeakers are their creation. We can describe this model very shortly: classic! An inch dome aluminum tweeter, 165-mm midrange driver and 200-mm woofer with traditional cellulose diffusers are enclosed in perfectly damped, heavy and voluminous (60 liters) cases with a bass reflex. The separation of bands at frequencies of 180 Hz and 3000 Hz is carried out by simple filters, but you can connect the speakers to the system by either usual or bi-amping scheme.

The sound of Celestion F38 corresponds to the mass and dimensions. The loudspeakers cover a huge frequency and dynamic ranges, produce a very linear bass starting with the "subwoofer" 30 - 40 Hz and do it with a crushing dynamics. Low tones are drawn clearly and plastic and drums are just out of competition - sound like at a live rock concert. There is a slight confusion only in the area where the low frequencies reach the middle range. As for discants, the price is taken into account here: there is nothing to complain about. The band is reproduced dynamically and smoothly, with an emphasis on the higher components, with the slightest metallic "smack" (typical for tweeters with an aluminum dome), which, fortunately, does not add excessive sharpness or aggression to the sound. All things considered as well as good detailing in the bass and upper registers and a stable sound stage, we can recommend Celestion F38 to anyone who loves dance or rock music.

Celestion F38 Floor standing speakers photo