Celestion Impact 30 Floor standing speakers

Celestion Impact 30 is a three-way speaker system of bass-reflex type with the output of bass reflex on the front panel. The diameter of dome tweeter is 25 mm. The sizes of conical mid- and low-frequency heads are 100 mm and 155 mm. Nominal electrical power is 150W. The speaker systems are equipped with the system of magnetic protection. Their sizes are 236x820x245 mm. It is easy to assume that at least one of the company's mottos is "Everything should be excellent in speaker system". Anyway, the diligence of Celestion designers is well-known. Everything is neat, smooth and streamlined, with a twist. Fixing cant of the speakers' case is closed by plastic frame and even heads of the screws are hidden behind the plugs. Beautiful! The same expression is also appropriate to the frequency characteristic. As clean as a whistle! Everything is steady: the characteristic is well-grouped near the line of average meaning at the average non-uniformity of ±2 dB. The developers have chosen extensions (41 Hz and 22 kHz) very well and rationally: this is quite enough in order to satisfy the demands of the strictest sound's judges. The structure of sensitivity dependence from the frequency in the lower part of the range is typical for the most of systems, participating in the test. However, means, which provide the harmonious solution of low-frequency problem, are different. First of all, this refers to the acoustic design. In Celestion the diameter of bass reflex, located on the front panel, has atypically large cross-section (its size affect setting frequency of bass reflex), which requires the increase of its length, and this reduces the efficiency of the bass reflex. On the other hand, the radiating surface and air flow speed increase... Judging by the frequency characteristic, there is no gain or loss. The system gives a good, full sound, differs by high accuracy of interpretation that is especially valuable for the experts of live music. Directional characteristic of the speaker systems doesn't limit the select of place for their installation; the uniformity of the field is significantly higher than average. The sensitivity is good - about 90 dB. The characteristic of input resistance module has the following parameters: the average module meaning is 7,4 Ohm, r.m.s. deviation is 5 Ohm, nominal impedance is 4 Ohm. The bass reflex is tuned to the frequency of 45 Hz, filter crossover frequencies of loudspeakers are 700 Hz and 3 kHz.

Celestion Impact 30 Floor standing speakers photo