Celestion 15 Floor standing speakers

The floor Celestion 15 is apotheosis of Unit series. However, it is said perhaps too much, because all the line is oriented on budget audio systems. The manufacturer does not also exclude the variant of using this model as the front speaker systems in inexpensive systems of home theater.

The feature of the model is the branded technology of low-frequency design - Acoustic Filter Technology (AFT). The internal volume of the body is made of MDF of 15 mm in thickness and is divided into two combinable volumes. The lower cabinet plays the role of acoustic filter and the upper one is connected with surrounding space through the bass-reflex port, located on the back wall. Such scheme together with the rise of low frequencies effectively prevents the appearance of internal standing waves. Build quality doesn't cause any claims, only the frame of dustproof mesh looks too fragile. Finish is a black ash - the imitation, of course.

We had no problems with connection of acoustic cables - two massive gilt terminals accept any types of spade plugs. Adjusting spikes are also included.

At the listening to Celestion 15 a soft, sheathlike basses of big kick cause first positive emotions. When the other drums enter, the impression is only strengthened: the speakers demonstrate an instant response to the kick with smooth fading. It seems that you won't find fault in low frequencies.

If move further up along the scale of frequencies, the positive rates will be given up to upper middle. Here the problems and mentioned-above division begin, more truly a well-noticed decrease of the system's class. Let's us start with space. In this case it is formed not simplistically, but on the contrary spatiotemporal heterogeneities. A mysterious volume appears in front of singers, mainly female signers, which applies the reverb effect on the voice. Incorrect tonal balance makes the speakers falsely transfer the scale of symphonic orchestra or chorus. Moving higher along the frequency, hissing sounds are emphasized. Upper frequencies, regardless of their origin, attain a noticeable metallic tint. At the same time, unevenness does not prevent the speakers to pull out all details and defects of a recording. Another thing is that these details don't add the realism to the sound picture. At the listening to accordion music the "beat" of key is clearly heard, but you can see the performer behind it only by force of will. The instruments play as if by on their own and the world level of musicians is hopelessly lost in the depths of loudspeakers.

However, who said that you can't live and work, having such a complex but still predictable character? Celestion 15 has a great bass, big and very informative area of the middle. They will faithfully "groove" when necessary, delighting the ears of fuzzed guitar's fans. Put jazz - and natural drums and saxophone make you forget about the unnaturalness of sand noise in a tin.

Celestion 15 Floor standing speakers photo