Celestion F3 Floor standing speakers

The flagship of F-series is on 10 cm higher than F2, but this was enough in order to place an additional low-frequency head on the faceplate. It turns off already above 200 Hz by the filter of low frequencies, and then the identical midrange, based on combined with woofer air volume by back side of the diffuser, takes up the torch. The speakers of both firmed models are absolutely the same. But F3 admits any forms of commutation.

As expected, the sound character of F2 and F3 has something in common and special. The similarity lies in the elaboration of middle frequencies. Good dynamics and purity of the mids are branded features. The certain identity is observed in the manner of scene's organization - it is a bit convex and closed to the listener in both systems. The differences turn out to be more subtle. The older system refers sound volume, more thorough elaboration of low-frequency spectral space to "relaxed" sharpness of musical gesture of F2. Tonal balance is significantly warmer, but inner contact of components of music cloth is traced clearly. Bass of the older model keeps a pleasant softness inherent to the younger model, but becomes deeper and more "concrete"- the essential addition of spatial volume is associated with this circumstance.

The concert space is not only expanded, but also is enriched by details. Probably, the feeling of "peace" at the top appeared in relation to some strengthening of the bass. Although F3 can't be blamed for deficit of HF-energy, in comparison with "romantic ease" of F2 the work of elder system seems to be not so expressive at the tops. However, music dynamics is implemented more confidently, the reaction to weak "movements" in lower part of the specter is more sensitive. Also the limit of maximally possible energetic impact is significantly higher. At extremely high volume level you can note only slight haze of high frequencies.

In comparison with F2 the sound of older model obtained the features of "substantial weight", became more mature. Thereafter the area of music apps was expanded too - F3 is already presented as quite universal acoustics. But the cost was increased substantially... F3 is well suited for the using in small and medium-sized rooms; it's not scary if there are no any carpets and soft furniture. In the series there are perfectly tonally agreed with F3 acoustics of the central channel, rear speaker systems and subwoofer - quite a good home cinema came off from the branded kit.

Celestion F3 Floor standing speakers photo