Celestion C2 Floor standing speakers

We continue to explore C series of speaker systems from Celestion. Shelf C1 left entirely positive impression. Stylistically assonant C2 will undoubtedly decorate a modern interior and laconism of its elegance, in return, do not place excessive demands on furniture. High-frequency head is carefully protected by mesh and all the speakers - by metallic removable grill. Open placement of gold-plated input terminals hints at the necessity to use a serious wire, the beauty of which is not shameful to show friends. Despite of modest by the standards of floor systems sizes, the speaker system showed perfectly trained low-frequencies muscles. Tightly compact, deep bass so smoothly adjoins an ideal, I dare say, middle that sound is perceived as homogenous wall without any uneven ledges of tonal imbalance. I can specify that in rich with drama lower bass moments sometimes there is still the desire to add a bit more rude power. At the top there is a pleasant atmosphere of freshness, never leading to annoying fever. Tiny details are well distinguished. C2 shows excellent accuracy of transfer of overtone rations in "live" mechanically-acoustic instruments. Wide dynamical range of the system is of great value: it tenaciously keeps the amplitude scale of sound prototype; there is some reduction of brightness only in basses at high volume. Speaker systems build a very convincing three-dimensional image of the scene. The system plays perfectly the most sophisticated classical music, jazz; any modern styles get the necessary emotional color. Celestion C2 is an excellent option for universal floor speaker system for medium and small rooms.

Celestion C2 Floor standing speakers photo