Boston Acoustics A250 Floor standing speakers

The part of body of Boston Acoustics A250 speaker system is finished with black film with leather like relief; other surfaces are covered with lacquer. At careful examination slight failures of workmanship are noticeable. Particularly, the gap in the junction of side and top panels could be less. There are no claims to acoustic features of the system, it is perfectly muted.

Upper frequencies are sounded by the tweeter with a dome made of the patented Kortec material. Diffusers of MF/LF drivers, made of glass-ceramic polymer, are mounted on Deep Channel Design suspension. One pair of terminals is used for switching.

Boston Acoustics A250 sound beautifully, expressively and authentically. Sound is extremely comfortable, but not without artificial softness and smoothness. When necessary, the speaker systems can sound sharply and brutally. This model has no genre preferences; any music opens well and sounds interesting. Detailing is clearly above average among the competitors. Bass turned out to be not the deepest, but due to good dynamics the most large-scale songs are transferred well.

Boston Acoustics A250 Floor standing speakers photo