JAMO D570 Floor standing speakers

Recently speaker system of Jamo from a new "concert" series has been in our tests and conquered by solidity and dynamics of sound. Now let's appraise the possibilities of the model Concert D570, which, despite of smaller sizes, equally repeats a three-way construction of Concert D590.

The body of these systems is made by the original technology: the front and back walls are narrow plates made of MDF and side walls have deep and frequent saw cuts from top to bottom, hidden from the eyes by layer of veneer. These saw cuts gave a convex shape to sidewalls and a large internal volume - to the whole body. The walls are additionally reinforced inside, the upper face is decorated by a polished black plate, and the foreside - by black cloth. In the bottom part of Concert D570 there is a 165-mm woofer (a bigger head, 200-mm, was used in D590). If we remove the dust cap, we will see on the front panel the same D'Appolito combination: two midrange drivers with 100-mm diffusers, made of light fabric composite, symmetrically stand on the top and bottom on the one axis with the tweeter. The latter has a wide sound-absorbing flange and a classical 25-mm silk dome. Adjustable spikes are included, and when you will connect cables, check out the qualitative terminals, allowing two-way connection of the system.

Although Concert D570 is produced in the East, you feel Danish acoustic traditions in their voice. The whole middle range, including crossfades, is reproduced linearly, dynamically and very detailed. Exactly this quality forms a first-class musicality and realism of sound. Yeah, we can find some faults, but they lay beyond the most important and informative range. For example, a slight confusion is seen in the area of low basses: there is energy, but articulation is not enough. In the upper band a narrow area is allocated (about 8 kHz), which gives discants deliberateness and a slight aggressive color. But, perhaps, these are all defects. Sound scene differs by such clarity of plans that you won't ask for better. The system correctly plays the most difficult by tonal coloring instruments - there are no resonant overtones. Well, upper band, judging by how clearly and informative the atmosphere of record is transferred, has a meritoriously linear look above 10 kHz.

JAMO D570 Floor standing speakers photo