Jamo Classic 6 Floor standing speakers

Strict appearance of a system by the famous Danish company Jamo quite corresponds to the name of its series - Classic. Sound palette is a different story. It is a difficult task to generate a noticeable and always necessary low-frequency stream, the depth of which forms the basis of character of many musical compositions. It seems that what was mentioned above by no means relative to Jamo Classic 6. Listening to the dynamics of Deep Purple or Dire Straits recordings, to the sound of drums and baa-guitar, it was hard to believe in evident: the system not only has the possibilities to compete with taller and broader in the shoulders colleagues, but is able to succeed in this field. Impressive and confident bass is transferred in all its glory. High transparency of the medium frequencies, slightly depending on volume level, allows saving the expressiveness of vocal, the richness of which forms countless numbers of nuances. We can't stand to plead the voice of Kari Bremnes, because the interpretation of his voice by the system Classic 6 was one of the most subtle. High frequencies, providing good detailing and contrast of the image without any association with sharpness or excessive underlining, appears in harmony with middle ones. The synthesized image is open and airy. For fairness' sake we can note some singularity in the organization of scenic space, appearing in the weakening of its unity and at the same time in a relatively low spatial resolution.

Jamo Classic 6 Floor standing speakers photo