Jamo D590 Floor standing speakers

This construction can be described in three words: rationally, modern, fundamentally. Mention one case. It has maximally tight faceplate that should affect well the sound stage, but at the same time it has a huge internal volume, which is necessary for 20-cm woofer (mounted in the bottom), due to the convex side walls, reinforced from the inside. The soft 25-mm tweeter and two midranges with right diffusers made of modern woven composite are installed by D'Appolito scheme. The bass reflex port is placed on the back wall. Qualitative terminals, located beneath, allow a two-band connection. The upper surface is bright-finished and this gives quite an elegant look to large size acoustics.

The speaker systems completely justify their name - their absolute dynamics is comparable to real concert levels. And what is especially pleasant that they don't lose musicality even at high volume level - don't tire aurally and are able to shake by drive. Jamo D590 will not fail at medium volume too. Musical balance is slightly displaced towards middle and high frequencies, so the sound seems to be more optimistic and cheerful than usually, but the scene conquers by true depth. The space isn't flattened in front of listener but apparently goes back is divided to the plans. There are no problems with bass too - the speaker systems work in the main range with praisable linearity and go in infra-low easily, where not every subwoofer can get to. However, quantity of bass still dominates its quality: the color of bass drums is slightly distorted and the structure isn't always observed in higher and more complex by content basses. We give "B" to these systems for the detailing and harmonic resolution. In vocal band Jamo D590 pulls out mass of information and puts it in the pleasant for ear form - nuances of performance are recognizable and clearly distinguishable. In some music programs the upper band can be not too much melodic, but none of nuances will disappear.

Jamo D590 Floor standing speakers photo