Jamo C607 Floor standing speakers

A family Concert of Danish company Jamo includes several series in different price segments - from S400 of entry-level to high-end audiophile C80. They have the general concept - the ability to recreate the live sound in home. In the line of C60, which takes a middle position in this hierarchy, there are floor and shelf speakers, loudspeakers of center channel and active subwoofers. The model C607 is the highest, and it has inherited many of the technical solutions from C80 series.

Firstly, this is an inch tweeter, fully isolated from the body (patented principle of Decoupled Tweeter Technology), thus the sound at high frequencies becomes cleaner and more natural. It was placed in the center of the WaveGuide, extending the direction pattern. The system is three-line; if you look closely to the cones of the woofers and midrange inverter, you can see that they have a cellular structure. This is a firmed construction "Hard Conical Cone" distinguishing by high rigidity with minimum weight. At the center of all three 6-inch heads there are phase equalizing caps with concave hemispherical ends.

High and deep body with a narrow faceplate is installed on the "legs" with spikes", outstanding on the sides. On the back panel, in addition to the phase inverter of a decent diameter, there are four terminals with a white matte finish, connected by bridges of the same metal.

At the average declared sensitivity these speakers sound much louder than most of the rest. Perhaps, due to the smaller resistance. And another thing you notice immediately is the spatial picture. It is a rare case when speakers literally disappear into the sound space, staying at the same time in the field of view. The scene is three-dimensional, goes behind the front line at 1.5 - 2 meters. The sources in the background are perfectly focused, some of them, particularly the triangle and hi-hats, are confidently positioned in height.

A solid lower register is the basis of any musical genres, from progressive metal to symphonic classics. Deep and well defined bass perfectly contrasts with transparent and airy upper range. Quick attack provides a powerful drive, although some constraint of dynamics is felt at high volumes, especially in the midrange. It seems that the vocal is processed by the compressor, but to notice it, the volume handle will have to be twisted to the limit. The tweeters give a lot of air, even on fragments with one or two instruments the scene doesn't seem to be empty due to the abundance of air. Hit at the cymbals is sonorous, with real metal and mass of HF-harmonics, forming a long train. Bass drum creates a movement of air, decaying reverberations are not blurred.

Jamo C607 Floor standing speakers photo