Energy C-500 Floor standing speakers

Externally Energy C-500 is traditional rectangular towers with high-quality woodgrain lamination and rear location of bass-reflex port. As in the predecessor, here are three drivers. They are an inch tweeter with aluminum membrane, loaded on a small horn, and two similar 165-mm drivers with the diffusers made of fiber glass.

Energy C-500 is a 2.5-way with dividing points of 1200 and 2500 Hz. The terminals for acoustic cable are convenient, spring, allowing you to connect to an amplifier by two-wire circuit.

The appearance is calm, restrained; finish quality of all nodes is good and does not cause any serious complaints.

Energy C-500 shows a sweeping, colorful sound with bright sound images and irrepressible dynamics. By character they incline rather to emotions than to thoughtful analysis of musical events. This approach of the developers is quite justified - while the listening to favorite recordings, you get a powerful charge of positive energy. However, tonal balance can be still recognized to be perfect. In most cases it is noticeably shifted down, slightly leveling the intelligibility of the middle. There are minor shortcomings in the upper band too. Discants are clear and distinct, but they sometimes have the lack of airiness. Attack of low-frequency instruments is perceived to be not very accurate. But in general the sound character of Energy C-500 is more grandiose than refined and elegant and, undoubtedly, can be considered to be a distinctive feature.

Sound stage is wide and scaled, with slightly enlarged presentation of images in space.

Energy C-500 Floor standing speakers photo