Polk Audio Rti A9 Floor standing speakers

The flagship model from the newest Rti series (RTi A3, RTi A5, RTi A7, RTi A9) can be called a giant. Three-way Rti A9 speaker systems differ, firstly, by "unusual" for Polk Audio rounded side walls. This innovation is motivated by the desire of the American engineers to get the most effective damping. In accordance with DAHLI technology (Damped Asymmetric Hex Laminate Isolation), the body is glued from six MDF layers, between which there is a vibration damping mastic. Outside there is a brilliant finish by natural wood veneer followed by coating with several layers of lacquer.

Traditionally for Polk Audio the own-engineered drivers, made by Dynamic Balance technology, are installed here. These are two 13-cm midranges, between which there is an inch tweeter with anti-resonance coating. This is a famous D'Appolito principle, which allows getting a wide diagram in vertical plane. Bass section (this is essentially a passive sub) is presented by 7-inch drivers with polypropylene membranes. And they work in their own volume with two bass-reflex ports in contrast to MR/HF-section, which has a close3d design. Here is such an unusual solution.

|These speaker systems sound really grandly. They differ by very powerful presentation of any music material, expressive interpretation of even quiet chamber genres. In the first place the reason is an incredible by its quality (and quantity) low-frequency register. It is so believable sometimes that you willy-nilly all over feel the presence of "kick", and bass-guitar and double-bass are extremely convincing here. Against this background the rest of the range is not perceived so bright and memorable. If the upper range in Polk Audio is ideally drawn and differs by high resolution, the middle is already not so clear and true - it suffers by somewhat schematic transfer of timbres, especially of acoustic instruments, and not always sufficient nuancing. However, the conjunction of bands in these American speaker systems is extremely successful - seams are almost unheard.

It is worth noting that to get a stable and wide sound scene Rti A9 need a large space.

Polk Audio Rti A9 Floor standing speakers photo