Polk Audio LSi15 Floor standing speakers

The appearance of Polk Audio LSi15 cases mixed emotions. The bodies styled under black piano lacquer look expensive and respectable, but the finish of side panels, which a 20-cm woofer is built into, reminds a vinyl film. Superior tweeter in the upper section stands between two 135-mm midbasses (diffusers are made of polypropylene) and shifted to the side in order to give place to two tiny bass-reflexes. Another tube is the patented "Powerport" with conical bass-reflexes and placed in the bottom part of the system.

LSi15 shows free and neutral sound in the upper case - details do not overwhelm the listener, but fill the sound space naturally. The speaker systems not just give localized and separated stage, but give each imaginary source a correct, special width. Mid-frequency band doesn't cause any claims too - let vocal sounds without shocking frankness, but with realistic dynamics and nuance. Bass is the only problematic part. LSi15 convey drums in their own manner and this interferes you to distinguish correctly the sound flavor of one or another musical instrument. Try to turn Polk Audio LSi15 on by bi-amping scheme and basses will immediately assume a musical shape.

Polk Audio LSi15 Floor standing speakers photo