Polk Audio Monitor 70 Floor standing speakers

Polk Audio Monitor 70 is interesting due to the use of self-engineered five drivers. These are already familiar polymer-coated fabric tweeter, made according to the corporate Dynamic Balance recipe, and four drivers of the same size with composite membranes.

Monitor 70 is built on a 2.5-way bass-reflex scheme with a front port, which somewhat facilitates the installation of systems in a living room. Connection to the amplifier is possible via a two-wire circuit. Massive screw terminals allow the use of any type of acoustic connectors.

The finish of the loudspeaker is rather modest (only two color options are offered - black and cherry), but of quite high-quality and neat. When installing the system the manufacturer strongly recommends you to use the supplied spikes as supports to ensure minimal contact with the floor surface.

The signature handwriting of Polk Audio is recognized from the very first seconds of listening. The sound of Monitor 70 can be described as free and dynamic, equally stable in the recordings of various musical genres. They can easily convey both the drive of modern rock music and the scale of the symphony orchestra. Micro-dynamics is not bad.

But tonal balance is not perfect: it has a noticeable emphasis on the upper range, which sometimes seems to be too forced. However, in a room with an abundance of soft furniture it will be easy to take control over a slight excess of high frequencies. The middle is quite true, but still not fully open. At high volume levels side-tones of the bass-reflex begin to mix into the main signal. The sound stage is stable, but with an increase in volume, it begins to break up into its component parts, so you should be careful with the level of amplification.

In general, despite a number of minor flaws, Polk Audio Monitor 70 may pretend to be a universal acoustics for a decent system, because they cope very well with many things.

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Floor standing speakers photo