Polk Audio RTi8 Floor standing speakers

The popularity of Polk Audio production is explained, to our mind, by the fact the company is able to achieve the balance of various consumer qualities in its systems. The speaker systems have a modern look, differ by good for its price finish, are built on advanced speakers, filled with different innovations and provide good quality of sound. If there was something like rating of audiophiles' satisfaction by their technics, Polk Audio would certainly fill the first places.

We will hold up only RTi8 as a model. The line of this middle-class acoustic is in the pipeline for several years and finds a good market around the world. The speakers are finished by natural veneer and are reinforced with couplings inside. A silver figured cover bar at the bottom part of the body and supports-crossbars (made of plastic) with very huge cones add modern motifs of techno style to the system's design. Two-phase inverter acoustic design is not without interesting. One small port is placed on the faceplate, another is on the back panel, and it is not just hole, but quite a complex construction with gently expanding socket end and conical diffuser (the panted Power Port). Two 165-mm woofers with polymer-composite diffusers and 25-mm tweeter with silk-polymer dome (magnetic system is neodymium) are included into two-way scheme and with quite low crossover frequency (2200 Hz, first- and second-order filters).

When you try to describe the sound of RTi8, you face with one little problem: you can't find any bright vaunted epithets or words of censure. Everything is in the measure. The sound stage is compact, but by all other criteria is the standard and model for many. Tonal balance is good, but the most captious listeners will point to a slight splash in the area of 8 kHz, which heightens discants, and to not very smooth mating of the tweeter with the main band (you also feel a slight splash which brings a little bit of negligence). Absolute dynamical qualities are brilliant for the system with only two mid-bass drivers, and basses, starting from very low frequencies, are played smoothly and clear. But if you take the accuracy of attack, macrodynamics and such subtle matters as purity and naturalness of overhang into account, Polk Audio can't be referred to outstanding performers. And you know, the lack of extremes in the characteristics allows us to refer this system to the rate of correct.

Polk Audio RTi8 Floor standing speakers photo