Polk Audio RTi10 Floor standing speakers

Polk Audio RTi10 is large speaker systems. The membranes of woofers and mid-ranges are made of polymer; powerful shielded magnets were used. Radiating by a silk dome tweeter is equipped with a heat emitter, mounted on a neodymium magnet. Filters are "cool" (of second and third order). The branded Power Port device, which slacks turbulence factor, is installed on the rear panel, opposite the bass-reflex port: air stream from the pipe (coaxial to the front port) gets on a conical diffuser. The tube on the facade under mid-range head is the element of the resonance absorption system (Acoustic Resonance Control). The body, made of 19-mm MDF plates, is reinforced with strengthening ribs. Covering is either natural veneer (more expensive) or vinyl film (cheaper). Flat supports with conical legs are mounted to the bottom of the body.

You can immediately discover the possibility of Polk Audio RTi10 to make bass in a big way - powerfully and deeply, slightly shifting at the same time a tonal balance. The volume of stereo panorama grew up to concert sizes. Certainly, not without some simplifying generalizations, the relevance of which is negligeable for, by say, hard rock, not to mention the usage of the system in the theatre context. High frequencies are definitely also favorite for the system, making the sound pictures bright and striking, so many lovers of modern active music surely will appeal this. Strict lovers of classical music may be confused by the excess of overtone metal in the violin voices. At the same time a noble dynamic range contains even symphonic masses. Bright style of the American system is adequate for many contemporary forms, requiring high low-frequency activity and a serious power reserve among other things.

Polk Audio RTi10 Floor standing speakers photo