ELAC FS 58 Floor standing speakers

FS 58 is the top model in the budget line of ELAC acoustics, released at the end of 2004. German developers understood that the "fifty" will fall into the segment where competition is the hottest, and therefore decided to stand out. How? They abandoned the typical schemes and ready-made drivers and created their own, for special requirements: midwoofers, midrange drivers, as well as tweeter are with a neodymium cooled magnet. In addition, in the filters they included overload protection elements. As for the rest, FS 58 is traditional: MDF cases have a pair of bass reflexes at the rear, covered with fabric grills and stand on platforms with spikes.

Remembering how in a recent test BS 53 monitors literally tore the competitors into pieces, I expected something special from ELAC FS 58 too, but ... They are identical in the construction of soundstage and in the transmission of the upper register: the sound is only slightly softened, but it is clearly focused and not budget informative and clean. The middle register is also transmitted openly. But the area between bass and midrange is frankly pitched: the acoustic instruments got "heavier", the drums became echoed, the low vocals became fat. However, down the spectrum there is complete order again: down to the deepest bass there is both energy and intelligibility.

ELAC FS 58 Floor standing speakers photo