ELAC FS 247 Floor standing speakers

Elegant FS 247 speaker systems are among the most popular models in the assortment of ELAC. A 2.5 way scheme is laid into the basis of construction, which allowed to get quite impressive by depth basses (the specified lower border is 30 Hz). The bass-reflex is placed into the bottom of the body and directed to the platform, which serves as a diffuser of sound energy. Low-frequency area is sounded by a tandem of 150-mm drivers with original branded AS-XR diffusers. They have cellulose base, covered by thin aluminum foil, and a special faceted surface, which reduces resonances. The famous JET strip band of the third generation with effective bandwidth up to 50 kHz is used here as the tweeter. Parameters are sophisticated, aren't they?

Generally, Elac FS 247 are quite natural by character of sound and don't have excessive tonal coloring. The middle is quite open and focused; dissonant notes are almost not observed. The upper range attracts attention a bit more than usual. The sound of ribbon tweeter is truly excellent - by detailing it will find few equal. Impact qualities of the system are expressed in a sufficient degree, but at the lower border bass slightly loses control. Sound stage is spread out literally to the smallest details, collected into a single picture. The space is strictly delineated by the perimeter and is clearly three-dimensional. The image localization of individual instruments is beyond praise.

ELAC FS 247 Floor standing speakers photo