ELAC FS 197 Floor standing speakers

In 2.5-way Elac FS 197 speaker systems the drivers are located symmetrically and this provides higher unity of sound. A pair of branded woofers is equipped with 140-mm multilayered diffusers with cellulose base reinforcing aluminum foil, applied over it. Such structure has a minimal weight and at the same time high rigidity, which guarantees minimum distortions at high volume. To expand working range there is a lower bass-reflex with low noise port, emitting into base plate. The tweeter is unmistakably recognizable JET ribbon driver of the third generation with effective playback band up to 50 kHz. Speaking about the advantages, they are (compared with traditional dome constructions) increased sound resolution and momentary response, provided by almost weightless emitter.

Among the features of tonal balance of Elac FS 197 speaker systems we can't not to notice a small priority of the range's edges. Meanwhile, they differ by well elaborated middle and just gorgeous upper case. Traditionally for ribbon emitter Elac systems have remarkable variety of colors in HF-band, simply inaccessible for most of the competitors. Bass attack is overlong barely noticeably, which indirectly affects the playing of the whole low-frequency range. If in the area of middle bass the structure of LF is displayed maximally adequately, in the very bottom you can feel a small amorphous of the feed. The formed sound stage is multifaceted, with clear localization of instruments in the central part of panorama.

ELAC FS 197 Floor standing speakers photo